Extended Bios

Chris Haslock The “Short Book” biography… Chris “Hatch” Haslock debuted Freestyle Aerials at the 1988 Olympics and starred in several ski films including The Droids, Time Waits for Snowman, The Maltese Flamingo and The Good, the Rad and the Gnarly.  He began his career as an Alpine ski racer, finishing 15th in the Michigan State High School Championships and breaking the 100 point mark as a USSA slalom skier, reaching the podium in central division races before moving to Winter Park, CO to begin Freestyle skiing competition in 1982. Haslock launched his coaching career in 1984 in Telluride, simultaneously finishing the season 3rd at the US Freestyle Championships which earned him a spot on the US Freestyle Ski Team.  Together with his teammates, he climbed through the World Cup ranks to qualify for the 1988 Olympic Team.  When he retired from competitive skiing in 1989, he was ranked seventh overall on the FIS World Cup Freestyle Aerials Points list, and placed 7th at the 1989 World Ski Championships. After returning to coaching in 1990, Hatch helped his former teammates win their first ever World Championship medal a year later.  He went on to coach 2 Olympics and 2 additional World Championships, where in 1995, two Haslock-trained World Championship Aerialists received gold medals: Nikki Stone in women’s and Trace Worthington in men’s, as well as three combined medalists: Kristi Porter in women’s Gold, Trace Worthington men’s Gold and Jonny Moseley in men’s Bronze. In 2001 Haslock founded FLY Freestyle, an aerial-based ski club at the Utah Olympic Park, while also serving as the Freestyle Chief of Competition at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. In 2005, under Hatch’s direction, FLY Freestyle was honored as the USSA Freestyle club of the year. AXIS Freeride is the next chapter in his continuing commitment to give back to the sport he loves and help young athletes pursue their own life dreams.